All workshops and talks will be held at Death by Audio.

Saturday, 11/12

Musicians And Machines: Techniques For Melding Digital And Acoustic Instruments for Live Performance
Saturday, November 12: 12pm - 3pm


Dan Freeman (C0m1x) of Brooklyn's Comandante Zero will demonstrate techniques for fusing acoustic and digital instruments for live performance. Since 2006, bass/drum duo Comandante Zero has used Ableton Live to create a set that strives for the feel of live instruments with a modern electro sound. This workshop will be particularly aimed at live performers and bands who are looking for creative ways to integrate laptops into their sets. Dan is also an Ableton Live Certified Trainer who specializes in using Ableton in live performance situation and an instructor at Dubspot in NYC. No prior experience necessary.

The workshop will cover the following topics:
1. Creating an electro-acoustic drum kit using triggers, samples and Live.
2. Techniques for laptop vocal processing: Building vocoders and other effects
3. Keeping bands and laptops in synch
4. Tips on creating an Ableton session for live performance
5. Pedals and other MIDI controllers
6. Controlling Lights with Ableton Live

Designing Process, a Max For Live Workshop with Christopher Willits
Saturday, November 12: 3pm - 4pm


Christopher Willits presents ideas and techniques around the use and evolution of guitar signal processing, and techniques in using Max For Live and Ableton Live to create LIVE music that is of the moment.

Sonia Yuditskaya - Me and My Shadow: Transpositions of the Moving Body Through the Kinect
Saturday, November 12: 4pm - 5pm


A discussion and demo of using the Kinect for gestural interaction in Pure Data, a free, open-source, cross-platform toolkit for patching-based production of installations, and interactive works. We will look at projects made with the Kinect as an input mechanism to control objects and mechanisms in the physical world with a focus on the spacial and the performative.

Artist Panel Discussion: Making Alternative Musical Interfaces
Saturday, November 12: 5pm - 6pm


Sunday, 11/13

Heatit°C - Prototyping Reactive Materials, Inspiring Aesthetic Projects
Sunday, November 13: 12pm - 4pm


Heatit°C is a tool that supports interactive systems, focusing especially on materials that need additional energy in order to be activated. The Heatit°C team's goal is to raise awareness on how to tinker and embed technology into materiality. In this workshop students will learn how to combine, integrate and layer different materials and inks by designing a heat reactive postcard. This includes how to use an analog circuit, based on the soon to come out Heatit°C board, to activate these heat reactive materials to reveal a hidden message. Some materials that participants will get to use are thermochromic and conductive inks and batteries, switches and conductive thread. The Heatit°C team will also be using a Craft Robo, a home precision cutting machine to create 2D and 3D templates and presenting the Heatit°C board, beta version. No prior skills required. Everyone welcomed!


How to Make a Contact Mic
Sunday, November 13: 4pm - 5pm


This is the workshop for people interested in exploring sound but who have never experimented with electronics before. The class will start with an introduction to the contact mic you will be making, how it sounds in regards to different materials and where it has been used in well known experimental musical pieces. Students will also learn about the piezo electric effect and soldering safety as they get hands-on with the materials to make their own contact mic. There will be time for trouble shooting and general how-to tips along the way that will ensure you will be making noise by the end of the class. No prior experience necessary.