Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Ander produces and performs electronic dance music, mostly around techno/minimal/house. His whole approach to live music performance is centered around the hardware controller Station, which he designed and built himself during the last three years. By giving him access to a multitude of parameters of his set in an intuitive and visually pleasing way, Ander can sculpt the sound and flow of his music in every moment, creating a unique interaction with the audience. Since there is no fixed path through the material in his set, every performance is unique and not repeatable.

Ander began his journey into techno after a fabulous new years eve party in Zurich. He got hooked on the beat and traded in his earlier career as solo flutist in a Jazz band for an existence in the dark and sweaty niches of the Swiss minimal scene. The sound he produces is minimal, but with pleasure. It sounds like techno, adding in some deepness. It is not pushy, but it pulls your feet towards the dancefloor, playfully mannered. His first own production was released in May 2011 on the Hamburg based label Eminor Binary. So far he has been performing in Clubs and places all over Switzerland as well as in Germany.