Workshop Pre-registration!

Fall is knocking on the cities door and we are in final crunch time here at I/O HQ. Which would be stressful if we didn't keep getting great emails from artists who are part of this year's festival with such cool teasers! Like Smyth who just posted this:

A Tree & A Suburb - Preview from Jared Smyth on Vimeo.

Saturday afternoon at 12pm musician, hacker, developer, and over-all genius Phillip Stearns will be leading a fantastic workshop that will teach you how to build a digital synthesizer. The best part about this? You get to leave with your very own digital synth! Sign up now, seats are VERY limited! Reserve your spot here.

And don't forget about Textiles and Electronics! Grab a seat now! Check out a demo of what you will walk away with: