So close!

In/Out Fest 2010 is only a few short days away and we are all a buzz with activity at HQ. We had a little pre-party here this past weekend with a nice turnout. Some DJing, some performances, a showcase, and a really killer jam between DJ Servant and Smomid, who was rocking one of the cooler new control surfaces we have seen in a while.

One of the performers we have been getting ready for is Island Dweller. He will be rocking a hot plate, some pans, mics, and a custom Max/MSP patch to record, loop, manipulate, and over all craft you the perfect meal....er....music. Or both. You can tease your appetite with this breakfast classic:

Music for Cooking: Eggs from Stephen McLeod on Vimeo.

Island Dweller will be playing Friday night, which starts at 9pm. Come early and you might just get a meal! And enjoy this up beat track from Island Dweller as you ride the subway in:

Red-skies-remix by island dweller