One of our featured performers is Ostracon, a duo made up of John Keston (of Audio Cookbook) and Graham O'Brien. Keston has created this magical application called GMS, or Gestural Music Sequencer. When fed a video signal, this program outputs both a manipulated video signal as well as midi notes which Keston routes into Ableton to loop, mangle, and play with live while O'Brien lays down some back beats. Check out this inspiring video to see it in action:

Ostracon Video from Unearthed Music on Vimeo.

GMS was made in a fantastic open source language, Processing. This means that you can download this amazing application and start playing with it yourself! Get all the info and download here. And don't miss it this Saturday night! In the meantime, listen to this beautiful track from Ostracon.

Also, Ted Hayes has joined In/Out Fest 2010! He will be showing his new control interface, the Neurohedron on Friday night! Hayes has a refreshing idea on how we can interact with our computers with a finer designer touch. Look how cool it is!

Ted "Tedb0t" Hayes: "Neurohedron" from Nisma Z on Vimeo.