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Our fundraising campaign is well under way. Thank you very much to all those who have contributed! We still have over a week to go, and a bunch of perks still available, so check it out!

Line Up!

Thank You!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who submitted! Stay tuned for the final schedule! We'll be contacting all submitters individually in the coming days. FYI: If you're in need of quick cash to get to one of our upcoming events - pay a visit to www.ElcLoans.com and apply for one of their no credit check loans. They are defenitely one of the best companies, helping thousands of americans every month!


The open call for submissions for the In/Out 2011 Digital Performance Festival:

In/Out Fest is an annual festival that features leading performers, developers, artists, and tinkerers of the digital design community. With the hope of bridging the gap between the forum based world and the stage, the festival seeks to bring digitally driven performances into the limelight with two full days of workshops and performances.

We invite programmers, visual artists, hardware hackers, electronics gurus, musicians, novices, and the curious to take part in the events of In/Out. From inspiring performances and workshops to encourage others to join in the fray, this is not only the time for those interested in the constantly changing field of digital media to get involved, but for current members of the community to step up their game as well.

Videos of past years performances can be found at: http://vimeo.com/groups/inoutfest
Photographs can be viewed at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/inoutfest/sets/

This year In/Out Fest will hold all workshops and lectures at 285 Kent, performances will be only blocks away at The Knitting Factory. The dates of the festival are November 11th, 12th + 13th, 2011. Check www.inoutfest.org for up to date details and information.

In/Out is searching for musicians, visual artists, dancers, and performers who have integrated digital technologies into their work. From building custom controllers or software to the users of new technology, we want to hear from you! Submit a brief description of your performance along with a sample of your work.

All written materials must be in PDF format. Also, if available, please include hyperlinks to all multi-media materials (ie: videos of performances, demos, audio samples, etc...)

Workshops + Lectures
Help motivate the vanguard by leading a workshop in new media for audio/video performance. Past workshops have included: working in Jitter and Reaktor, building soft circuits, code driven music composition with Processing, lecture on glitch and it's use in art, how to run an open source business, and more. In/Out is especially interested in hands on, kit based, and introductory workshops. Please submit a brief description of what you would like to teach or share, along with any work you have done, are doing, or will do in the field.

All written materials must be in PDF format. Also, if available, please include hyperlinks to all multi-media materials (ie: videos of performances, demos, instructionals, etc...)

Deadline for proposals: August 29, 2011 11:59pm
All submissions can be sent to: submissions@inoutfest.org


Thanks everyone for coming out to In/Out Fest 2010! It was a huge success and we all had a blast. Super big round of applause to all of our contributors for really giving it everything they have. I/OHQ is already starting to plan next year's event which we are super excited about.

Until then, check out some amazing photos from Phillip Stearns or check out our Vimeo group to see some great videos from the event.

See you next year!


One of our featured performers is Ostracon, a duo made up of John Keston (of Audio Cookbook) and Graham O'Brien. Keston has created this magical application called GMS, or Gestural Music Sequencer. When fed a video signal, this program outputs both a manipulated video signal as well as midi notes which Keston routes into Ableton to loop, mangle, and play with live while O'Brien lays down some back beats. Check out this inspiring video to see it in action:

Ostracon Video from Unearthed Music on Vimeo.

GMS was made in a fantastic open source language, Processing. This means that you can download this amazing application and start playing with it yourself! Get all the info and download here. And don't miss it this Saturday night! In the meantime, listen to this beautiful track from Ostracon.

Also, Ted Hayes has joined In/Out Fest 2010! He will be showing his new control interface, the Neurohedron on Friday night! Hayes has a refreshing idea on how we can interact with our computers with a finer designer touch. Look how cool it is!

Ted "Tedb0t" Hayes: "Neurohedron" from Nisma Z on Vimeo.

Workshop Pre-registration!

Fall is knocking on the cities door and we are in final crunch time here at I/O HQ. Which would be stressful if we didn't keep getting great emails from artists who are part of this year's festival with such cool teasers! Like Smyth who just posted this:

A Tree & A Suburb - Preview from Jared Smyth on Vimeo.

Saturday afternoon at 12pm musician, hacker, developer, and over-all genius Phillip Stearns will be leading a fantastic workshop that will teach you how to build a digital synthesizer. The best part about this? You get to leave with your very own digital synth! Sign up now, seats are VERY limited! Reserve your spot here.

And don't forget about Textiles and Electronics! Grab a seat now! Check out a demo of what you will walk away with:

So close!

In/Out Fest 2010 is only a few short days away and we are all a buzz with activity at HQ. We had a little pre-party here this past weekend with a nice turnout. Some DJing, some performances, a showcase, and a really killer jam between DJ Servant and Smomid, who was rocking one of the cooler new control surfaces we have seen in a while.

One of the performers we have been getting ready for is Island Dweller. He will be rocking a hot plate, some pans, mics, and a custom Max/MSP patch to record, loop, manipulate, and over all craft you the perfect meal....er....music. Or both. You can tease your appetite with this breakfast classic:

Music for Cooking: Eggs from Stephen McLeod on Vimeo.

Island Dweller will be playing Friday night, which starts at 9pm. Come early and you might just get a meal! And enjoy this up beat track from Island Dweller as you ride the subway in:

Red-skies-remix by island dweller

Felting and drinks!

Our dear friends, Sarah and Lara Grant, just got a beautiful write up on Rhizome for some of the fantastic art they are working on right now. You can check out their website, Felted Signal Processing, for upcoming events including the debut of their modular synth felt quilt (super excited for this one!).

You can get more information on their workshop for September 17th at 1pm here. Tickets are on sale now for this so don't wait!

Also, if you live in or around NYC, this Friday is a little pre-party in Brooklyn featuring T3dbot, Smomid, !BandInclude!, a BBQ, beers and more! Email us at contact@inoutfest.org for directions and more info!

Tickets are now available!!

You can now buy tickets for the performances! Each day is $15, $25 for both days. Get em here or click the link on the top right of the page (links will take you to Brown Paper Tickets).

IMPORTANT! To buy a full weekend pass, follow the link and select the Sept 17th date in the dropdown. After clicking "Begin Order" you'll see an option for the 2-day pass.

If you have any problems ordering, shoot us an email: contact@inoutfest.org


Tickets for the workshops will be coming very soon!